12 February, 2012

Innergie Magic Cable Trio 3-in-1 USB cable

A lot of cable reviews recently.
When I was looking for a new cable for my iPhone, it was either this or Dexim's electro-luminescent cable. It seems such a waste to spend $30 on Apple's cable, which has no other functions. The Trio won, not because I chose it, but mostly because I couldn't find the other cable at that time.
This cable is a mini USB, micro USB and iPhone cable. It does this by 3 hinged plugs. The advantage of this is you can't lose the plugs. Due to the order of the plugs, I think it's most suited to people who use the iPhone plug (the last one) most often.
  • At first, I was surprised by how short it is. It's stated on the package that it's 20 cm though, so it's not really misleading.
  • After using it for 2 weeks, I found that being short is an advantage, especially if you just want to sync and you leave your phone near your laptop. This is especially good for traveling, which I suspect is what this cable is meant for. If you usually charge your phone with a desktop, it may be too short for you.
  • The cable is also quite thick - you can see it's thicker than the MBP power cord. I hope this means it's good quality.
  • I always thought the Kindle's cable was proprietary, then I realised it looks exactly like the micro USB plug. Haven't tested it.

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