09 February, 2012

Griffin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI & DVI adapter

I bought this adapter almost a year ago to connect my computer to external displays. It's better value for money than separate DVI and HDMI adapters. Prices on the Australian Apple store now:
  • Mini DisplayPort to DVI (Apple) - $30
  • Mini DP to HDMI (Moshi) - $49.95
  • Mini DP to HDMI (Belkin) - $34.95
  • This one - $54.95
Hmm the price seems to have gone up, I bought it for $39.95. It's still cheaper than getting separate adapters (although with separate adapters you can use both at once). I remember CompNow was selling it at about $80, which is why I bought it from Apple.

So far I've used it and it works fine, although I have to use another cable for audio since my MBP doesn't do audio over Mini DP. I wonder if you can use the second part to convert a normal DVI port to HDMI?

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