23 January, 2012

Photo organisation system

With the large number of photos today, people need a way to organise them. This is what I use.

My system is totally file and folder based, because I don't want to trust/depend on a specific software. First I have folders by year:
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
These folders are for miscellaneous photos. Within each folder, there are sub-folders for events:
  • 01 Birthday
  • 02 Holiday
I use 2 digits to sort the sub-folders, which are roughly chronological.

I don't bother to rename the files. This system doesn't allow searching, so I try and tag my photos in Picasa Web Albums. Since PWA doesn't allow sub-folders, my sub-folders in PWA have the year before them: 2012 01 Birthday.

This year, since the year folder usually gets too big, I'm making new sub-folders for topics, rather than events: 2012 01 Review

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