05 January, 2012

Grove iPhone 4 Case


I got a new iPhone case, from Grove. This company designs and handmakes its cases wholly in Portland, OR.
The case came suspended in a wooden frame. The frame has no specific use, Grove says you can use the frame as a picture frame. I'm thinking of making it into a stand for the iPhone, like in the picture below but with transparent material replacing the cardboard. It would be nice if it could charge / sync / display / amplify the iPhone.

Ok so what's so special about these cases?
  • handmade
  • Grove is completely based in Oregon
  • CNC machined
  • made of bamboo - fast growing and environmentally friendly
  • hand coated with 3 coats of oil
  • laser engraved designs

One thing I don't like about the case is it doesn't work with screen protectors. It's surprising they can get tolerances so tight that a thin piece of plastic won't fit. They expressly say back screen protectors will damage the case. Still deciding if I should remove my screen protector or not.

The engraving is very detailed.

They painted the edge of the camera hole black to reduce reflections from the flash. That's a lot of attention to detail.

Top cutouts are ok. They fit all my earphones. Power button is a bit hard to press.

The bottom cutouts are restrictive. They don't fit some of my cables (original cable is ok) or my Kensington dock. At least the bottom part can be removed for docking.

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