13 December, 2011

Geeky Cufflinks

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In the end, I found these cufflinks made of real Pentium chips, by Intel:
The text reads: "Intel Pentium Processor. This is an actual Intel Pentium processor computer chip, the "brain" behind the world's most powerful PCs. The different colors are caused by light reflecting from the tiny electrical paths that connect over 3 million transistors. The Pentium processor is so powerful that it can calculate the multiplication table, one through ten, 100,000 times per second. So not only are Pentium processors fast, they're attention-getters."
I think they're perfect because they're geeky, look great and hard to find. I estimate they were originally sold in the 1990s, and found this pair on eBay. The cost USD20 + $30 postage. It's a pity Intel stopped selling these products. Actually, these are clip-on earrings, I couldn't find the cufflinks.

Unfortunately, I didn't end up using them, as they were too hard to put on and one of the chips fell off as I was putting them on, so I used a backup pair of cufflinks instead.

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