15 December, 2011

Acer Aspire 5755 P5WE0

I'm setting up a new computer, so I'm taking the opportunity to catch up with Windows.
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • i5-2430M
  • 15.6" LED LCD (1366x768)
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM (upgraded to 6GB)
  • 500 GB HDD
  • Card reader
  • USB 3
  • HDMI
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Intel Wireless Display (I think it has 802.11n)
  • It has a numeric keypad, which is nice. It has NO indication of caps/num/scroll locks, except software, which isn't so nice.
  • Original price $799 (with 2GB RAM)

  • Nice to know Windows 7 wakes from sleep instantly
  • Has an easy way to disable autorun (my default changes to Windows are now: disable autorun, uncheck hide file extensions for known file types)
  • Paint now has lots more features, and the Ribbon interface as well
  • However, Windows (and the pre-installed software) still gives me the impression it's trying to see how much useless stuff it can throw at me before I reinstall it. Especially for the updates, which seem to be deliberately hard to disable.
  • Examples: Norton Online Backup, Adobe Reader Updater, and don't even get me started on IE add-ons.
  • McAfee deserves special mention. I stopped using it in the past because it was producing more pop-ups of its own than it blocked.
  • There was one before this of an "offer" to renew your subscription. That's right, McAfee blocks pop-ups so it can serve up its own. Also, it keeps adding its own icon to the Desktop! How is this different from spyware?

No recovery CDs provided
A major point I must bring up is there are no recovery CDs provided. It's such a common issue that it's the top FAQ:
At least you can burn your own from their software - note this doesn't answer the question of WHY, it just says HOW to get the recovery CDs. I think it's a cost-cutting measure, like software manuals, and this reflects very poorly on Acer.

Speaking of manuals, maybe I can't find the correct one, but the one I found is very poorly written. It does not mention:
  • how long is battery life?
  • how long does the battery take to charge?
  • what are the computer specifications - size, weight etc?

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