01 January, 2012

Things in 2011

World Events
  • Heavy rains cause flooding in Queensland
  • Unrest in numerous countries in the Middle East (Arab Spring)
  • (1) Earthquake causes (2) tsunami in Japan, damaging Fukushima nuclear power plant. This led to major problems shutting the plant down and dealing with (3) radiation contamination afterwards.
  • Elections in Singapore
  • Osama Bin Laden is found and executed
  • E. coli outbreak in Germany
  • Railway station in Singapore moves, tracks open to public for a while. People take pictures of the tracks for one last time.
  • Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 90th anniversary
  • High-speed train derails in China
  • Final space shuttle launch
  • Norwegian man goes on a rampage killing people
  • US credit rating downgraded
  • Riots in London
  • HP stops making hardware for webOS, considers stopping selling consumer products, shares drop 25%. TouchPad tablet on fire sale at USD$99.
  • Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple
  • Presidential election in Singapore, second election this year
  • Borders bookstore in the US, Australia and Singapore close down
  • Yahoo and HP fire their CEOs Carol Bartz and Leo Apotheker
  • Fire at Shell's oil refinery on Pulau Bukom burns for 34 hours and forces the refinery to shut down
  • Night Safari in Singapore's new chief, Isabella Loh, cancels their Halloween event 2 weeks before the day, after months of work by Singapore Polytechnic students 
  • Steve Jobs dies 
  • Gaddafi, Libyan leader, is ousted and killed
  • "Occupy" protests, we are the 99%
  • Kouk Leong Jin, Singaporean medical student who had just been married for 2 weeks, disappears after going to Athens for a conference.
  • Major floods in Bangkok
  • Yue Yue, 2 year old female Chinese toddler, is knocked down and run over twice in Foshan, then ignored by 18 passers-by. Prompts reflections on morals in China.
  • Turmoil in the Euro zone, Greece and Italy
  • 99% protests 
  • Major breakdown in Singapore's MRT system, resulting in people being stuck in trains for up to 40 minutes. A train window is broken for ventilation
  • Kim Jong Il dies

Personal Events
  • Went to Funfields
  • Used Scoopon
  • Proposed - learnt to use polymer clay, went for photoshoot, went to Eureka Skydeck 88, hired a videographer, ate at Koko at Crown
  • Took care of Dota, a bichon frise. Found out that bicon frises are a nice breed of dog to have.
  • Went for Guide Dogs Victoria open day
  • Had a garage sale
  • Went on a road trip to Canberra, Sydney and Surfer's Paradise and moved back to Singapore
  • Got married
  • Took pre-wedding photos
  • Went to Shenzhen and Hong Kong
  • Started PhD

Skills Learned
  • iMovie
  • GarageBand
  • Wedding: registration, dinner venue, photographer (pre and actual day), make up artist, invitations

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