18 November, 2011


WHAT is it with all the sentimental articles in the air lately? What's odd is, they're all relevant to me. However, I don't enjoy them because:
  1. They make you feel old
  2. Harping on these make me feel like people are refusing to acknowledge this
  3. Some of them are just to make you feel better than other generations (see below)
Even Yahoo is doing it - it's not just me
This is quite popular on Facebook. The beginning basically says, "haha, we've done all this awesome stuff you 90s kids will never get to see!" And the last line might as well read, "we didn't have all the things kids today have, yet we managed to have fun! Kids today are so needy."
Really? "Best" and "ever"? Some of these scream "I'm still alive! And young! And relevant!!!" so loud I'm ashamed to be associated with them.
That's right, revel in your archaic knowledge.

Every generation
I'm starting to think that in every generation, there comes a time when:
  • they think they've seen it all, everything in the past is golden and everything in the future will never compare
  • they somehow, like every generation before them, grew up in the Golden Age of music, movies, TV, games, literature and technology
  • when you point out today's phones have better graphics than all their games, they'll inevitably go on about plot and style and how the games of their childhood are still superior
  • they're living in the end times
  • the world is declining in every possible way - health, lawlessness, morals, environmental disasters
And I'm starting to think that time comes when they're 20-30 years old. To think this generation made fun of previous generations when they said things like, "in my day, I had to walk to school. Barefoot. Uphill both ways. And it snowed the whole year round!"

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