11 September, 2011

Sept 11, 2011

Just recording what I was doing exactly 10 years ago while I still can remember.

I had just finished my English 'O' Level preliminary exams and was preparing for Geography the next day. While doing some final revision, I turned on the radio. That's strange, it seems to be a news broadcast. What's this? They're talking about planes and buildings. Something was going on in America. I changed to the news station. I remember them saying there were no planes in the sky, and thinking, "how do they know that? It's nighttime." (It was about 9 pm) Wondering if my parents knew what was happening, I opened my door to tell them, and found the audio continued outside. The radio was directly streaming audio from the TV station! I watched the news on TV and realised this event would make history. I stopped watching before the second tower collapsed.

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