19 August, 2011

Using the iPad with external keyboards

I want to highlight this excellent site, http://www.alltipsandtricks.com/ipad-keyboard-shortcuts/, which states which keyboard shortcuts you can use with your iPad. Surprisingly, the volume and brightness buttons work! The shortcuts were useful, but what made me point this out was their comparison of the differences between the keyboard dock and the Bluetooth keyboard.

Additional shortcuts I've found:
  • The eject button shows/hides the on-screen keyboard
  • Cmd+left or right are like the Home and End buttons in Windows, they jump to the beginning or end of a line. It's surprising this works, because even in OS X, it doesn't always work.
  • Alt+left or right jump word by word, like Ctrl+left or right in Windows.

While I'm talking about iPads and keyboards, I don't understand why people buy cases with built-in keyboards and even more, keyboard docks. If they need a keyboard that much, why don't they buy a netbook? To those who say because an iPad has features like games and is easier to carry around, well you lose all of that by buying these types of keyboards. Now you either have to carry an unnecessarily huge case, or remove it every time you want to hold your iPad. A much more logical solution would be to buy an external keyboard, like Apple's wireless keyboard, and an iPad stand or case. This way you can easily convert between the 2, and it may even be cheaper than some keyboard cases out there. The only reason I can think of for this combination is people who refuse to buy a non-Apple computer product, because Apple doesn't make netbooks.

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