21 August, 2011

Mighty Wallet

Original post: 21 August 2011

I've wanted to buy one of these ever since I saw them, because I love unusual materials. Their small capacity held me off though. I finally rationalised buying one for an everyday wallet, because I didn't need to carry that many things around and my normal wallet was too big. I finally got one at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) on 20 August 2011, because they were 20% off.
  • Made from Tyvek
  • Recyclable
  • 25% post consumer recycled content
  • Strong
  • Thin
  • Light - it's only 11g. How light is that - 2 Singapore $1 coins weigh more than that.
  • Water-resistant
  • Adapts to how much you put in it
I really love how it's ingeniously folded from a single sheet (this also gives it lots of hidden pockets. You can unfold it and hide cards inside. This is especially useful for cards you don't have to take out, like contactless cards) and it looks and feels just like paper. I specifically chose a design that highlights its paperlike qualities. Not sure how long it'll last, I'm expecting it to last 1 year and I'll be happy if it lasts 2 years. It's a bit troublesome with no coin compartment though, so I'm using one of the card slots. These few days my coins keep dropping when I open it upside-down. It came with 4 name card sized samples of Tyvek, and the packaging uses more Tyvek, which I'm using to test the material.

Also, not sure if I can put photos of individual cosplayers from STGCC, so I'll just put some random group shots.

Update 5 Jan 12
It's been 4 months, and the Mighty Wallet has held up nicely. At this rate, it should have no problem lasting a year.
This side faces away from me when in my pocket.

This side faces towards me. It has slightly more wear. Initially, it wore quite fast, with the print fading and fibres coming off. Once it reached this level, it stabilised and hasn't changed much.

The corner, which is probably the fastest wearing area.

Showing the fibres coming off

There is hardly any wear on the inside and the print looks unchanged. The right side of the opening is wrinkled due to me storing coins there.

Bottom of the right side, due to storage of coins.

Update 1 October 2012
The Mighty Wallet is now more than a year old and still usable!
Some numbers are unreadable and there are some stains.

This side is faring slightly better.

The corner is showing more and more wear, but hasn't broken through.

The inside is beginning to show wear as well

Fibres peeling off from the inside

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