09 June, 2011

New old iPhone 4

I replaced my iPhone 4. The Home button was spoiling, it would mix up 0, 1 and 2 clicks. The service centre for iPhones in Singapore is this out of the way place. They gave me a refurbished one. I was worried there would be scratches, since I don't expect them to replace the exterior for every iPhone, but somehow it was perfect. It came with protective plastic stickers on the front and back like a new iPhone has. I wonder what they do to the outside? I'm also slightly worried about the battery.


  1. lol aaron every time i've had to replace it with a refurbished one it's been fine, i think they literally strip them, take the bad bit(s) out, replace it and then put a new case on the entire thing so it's brand new by the looks of things...generally they seem ok

    andrew's silent/loud button has only just started to play up but he's had this refurbished one for about a year now and he's due for a new plan in a month or two anyway

  2. But it's such a waste to replace the exterior for every single phone. Mine didn't have any marks on the outside, except a very tiny one on the metal. Yet it's so labour intensive to check every phone for marks. I wonder what they do?

    Replacing iPhones is so common? That's disturbing, I haven't heard other phones being replaced so much. Actually this is my first phone to have a problem within a year.