26 May, 2011

We see in 2D

I'm convinced that we actually see in 2D, or maybe pseudo-3D, and N-dimensional beings see in N-1 dimensions.

What I mean
  • By "seeing in 2D", I mean that what we see can be expressed in a 2D image
  • In other words, we can only see the front of objects. We cannot see what is behind, or blocked
  • We also have some distance data, which is what I mean by "pseudo-3D"
  • I would consider "seeing in 3D" to be able to see all sides of an object at the same time

Why I'm bringing this up
  • In most "flatland" or 2D movies/stories, the world is shown from our point of view and we can see the entire world at once
  • The characters also behave as though they are able to see what we see - what's behind other objects etc.
  • What they see should really be expressed as a line

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