28 May, 2011

Wax seals

I'm working on a new idea. I bought sealing wax from Art Friend (about $4).

I don't have a wax seal, so I used a Chinese calligraphy seal. It's made of stone, so it has good thermal conductivity.
It works very well.

The wax has very good properties for sealing - it's not ordinary candle wax:
  • It holds an impression well - the lines on the flat area in the image above are from the stone of the seal
  • It doesn't stick to the seal
  • It solidifies fast - instructions online say to hold the seal for 1 minute, but I only held it for about 10 seconds
  • It sticks to the paper well
  • It's hard after solidifying - pressing as hard as I could with my nail left only a slight mark
  • It can be peeled off the paper in 1 piece
  • It's very flexible - I can fold it and crease it and it won't crack
It's more like rubber than wax, but it can be remelted after peeling it off.

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  1. Thanks! It seems rather good..