18 May, 2011

Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Non-Stick Scissors

  • Non-stick - glue resistant
  • Titanium-fused blades - harder
  • Soft comfort grip handles
  • Adjustable pivot
  • Individually hand-tested
  • Lifetime warranty
These scissors claim to have "titanium-fused" blades, but I suspect they're still mostly iron (they're magnetic). One wonders how much actual titanium they contain, and if the titanium has any purpose other than marketing. According to The Elements by Theodore Gray, most "titanium" products contain no titanium at all.

In my experience, loosening of the joint is the main mode of failure of scissors. Most scissors have riveted joints, so once it loosens, you can't do anything. In fact, the reason why you can't use scissors with your left hand is the motion of your hand tends to separate the blades. If you grip it correctly, it can be done. If the joint is tight enough, as with this scissors, it works fine with either hand. The other common problem is glue on the blades. I used to clean it off using alcohol, which can breathe new life into old scissors. Since these scissors claim to fix these 2 problems, they should last very long.

According to Scotch, these are suitable for cutting:
  • copy paper
  • photos
  • cardstock
  • fabric
  • crafts
  • tape/craft glue
Other models of scissors are suitable for successively less materials, starting from the bottom.

Speaking of long lasting scissors, I have a pair that has cheated death twice. A long time ago, I decided I needed a proper pair of "office" scissors, as compared to "school" or "children's" scissors. I bought a pair, and used it for many years before bringing it to Australia. There, it met a new pair of scissors meant to replace it, but it outlasted the replacement. I wasn't planning on bringing it back, but somehow it survived the journey and is back here now. What shall I do with it?

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