21 March, 2011

Seiko Coutura 7T62-0FA0

Isn't it odd how a $50 mp3 player will have a name, but $1000 watches are still vaguely named, with 1 name referring to several models and individual models referred to by enigmatic codes? And when you buy an mp3 player, you'll get a new one in a box but with watches you only get the display model?

Today, I bought a new watch. I thought it was time to get a "formal" watch, one that I could wear with a shirt or suit, so I got one with a metal band and a "timeless" face. I got the Seiko Coutura 7T62-0FA0. It has a chronograph, date (but no day) and even alarm. The face is sapphire crystal. It's waterproof to 100m. It cost $670.
I got Seiko because their watches are thinner, which suits my wrist. I also considered a Tissot, which was made of titanium and cost $700, but I didn't get it because it was thicker. Usually, Seiko watches are cheaper than Tissot. The salesman said the one I got was a high-end Seiko, and the Tissot was an entry-level. Personally, I would have wanted a titanium one, but couldn't find any suitable ones. Also, I don't like watches with the magnifying bubble over the date. Is the date that hard to read? That bubble just seems like a weak point in the cover glass.

About half an hour after buying the watch, a stranger said it looked good and asked me where I bought it! This was the first time a stranger asked me where I bought something, and the first time anyone asked me where I bought something fashion related.

Ok, to prevent this from just being a brag post, I'll post something useful about the alarm. I think it's unnecessarily complicated. I think I've got it figured out, this might also work for Seiko's other watches:
  1. Set the time. Pull the crown out all the way and twist it to set the time. After doing this, use the lower button to make the alarm display the same time as the main hands. I don't know why they make you do this. Fortunately, you only have to do it once. While you're at it, adjust the stopwatch minute and second hands to 0 if they're not.
  2. Push the crown all the way in. Wait and observe the main hands and alarm hands. If they show the same time, everything is fine. If the alarm is off, the alarm hands should show the current time.
  3. To set the alarm, pull the crown halfway out and use the lower button.
  4. To disable the alarm, pull the crown halfway out and hold the lower button down until the alarm hands stop moving (showing the current time).

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