30 March, 2011

Badass iPad/notebook stand

I was looking for a stand for my iPad, since I wanted to use it with a keyboard or watch movies on it, use it on the plane etc. The Apple Store has a few stands, but most can't be adjusted, so you're stuck at one angle. The Smart Cover has the same problem. Some are also very expensive ($70). When I bought my iPad, I actually also bought a dock, but they forgot to add it in. This turned out to be a good thing:
  • the dock only works in portrait orientation
  • they only had iPad (not iPad 2) docks
  • the dock probably won't work with any cases/covers

I found this stand at Badass. They probably just stuck their name on it, which means you can get it on eBay for less.
 Keyboard for size comparison.

Totally adjustable angle, although the back sticks out a lot if you use it this flat.

Extendable legs let you use it with a notebook! I love this feature. It makes it feel like it can replace my notebook cooler, which I just sold. In fact, I'm using it with my notebook now. I may end up using it more for this than my iPad. The build quality is pretty good. As you can see, the hinge and extended legs are made of metal.

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