28 February, 2011

Doing it my way

It's funny how big companies can ignore standards and set their own. They claim the standards are insufficient to benchmark products, which may well be true, but it makes one suspect the standards make their products look bad, too.

Examples: Dyson refuses to state the wattage of their vacuum cleaners. Tiffany says GIA's criteria of cut, clarity, colour and carat are insufficient for grading diamonds. I'm interested in knowing how Tiffany diamonds will fare in these areas. Apple has numerous examples in this area. They've never released speed or RAM details of their mobile devices (the values online are found out by other people). Actually, even though Apple keeps saying their systems are build on common standards, I can't help feel they're exclusive, like FaceTime, Thunderbolt and OpenCL.

Car manufacturers ALL state the engine capacity, torque, power output and 0-100 timings of their cars. What does this show?

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