14 December, 2010

Problems with Razer Naga

Some problems are showing up with my Naga. That's why the longer the time to write a review, the better.

The main problem is in World of Warcraft. The sensitivity will suddenly increase, and the mouse appears to have acceleration as well. This effect remains even after switching apps. I think it might have something to do with other mouse drivers installed on my computer. Thankfully, once it increases, the sensitivity remains at that level until I change the mouse sensitivity, so it's easy to get used to.

Macro recording isn't on-the-fly. In fact, you can't record macros when focused on other applications at all. This makes it quite troublesome to record macros. For example, you have to guess the timings of subsequent actions. Also, macros would be better if they specified where on the screen the mouse was clicked.

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