05 December, 2010

iPhone stand from credit card

I've been thinking of making my own iPhone stand from recycled materials. I read about a stand made from a credit card, so I decided to try making my own. This is a very rough design. First, this is an expired membership card I had. It's thinner than a normal credit card, so it's easier to cut, but more flimsy.

I cut it into 2 L-shaped pieces and one rectangular piece. It fits together by notches, not glue or tape (it would be quite easy to make a stand entirely out of glue or tape).

It works fine in landscape mode, but you can't really adjust the angle. It's too soft for portrait mode. I'm not sure if the plastic will scratch the case.

I think the most elegant stand would be one made of only one piece, by cutting and folding. I wonder if it's possible?

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