08 November, 2010

List of food with <30% calories from fat

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I'm just pasting this list here from my Facebook notes, because I'm not sure how well Facebook stores notes.

KFC (wow, KFC has healthy food?) (Australian)
  • Coleslaw (430 kJ/100g, 3.1 g/100g fat)
That's it, the chips, potato and gravy, snacks, chicken pieces, original and Zinger burgers and wraps all exceed 30% calories from fat.

Subway (Australian)
  • All the subs with <6g fat (without cheese or sauce). Adding cheese is still safe.
  • Subs with cheese and vegetables: shaved steak, steak & cheese, melt (YES), veggy patty
  • For breads, white, wheat and parmesan oregano have significantly less fat than honey oat, italian and multigrain. Wheat exceeds 30% though. The above subs are calculated using wheat bread so that's already taken into account.
  • Sauces: BBQ, honey mustard, sweet onion, sweet chili and tomato are good.

McDonald's (Australian)
  • Out of the burgers, wraps and fries, only the tick approved seared chicken tandoori/sweet chilli wraps
  • Breakfast - english muffin
  • Desserts - sundaes (but the large ones except strawberry still have more calories than a Big Mac)

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