18 October, 2010

Some Blogger comments

Blogger doesn't work as well with Firefox. In this field where I'm typing this, the cursor is often at the wrong place. Command+left and right, which I use as Home and End in OS X, don't work.

I've found some features in Blogger like reactions and pages. Pages seems quite useful, but I can't think of any pages to write right now. I've enabled reactions but I can't see the options. I wonder what's wrong?
Ah, I needed to reset my widgets by http://www.bloggerbuster.com/2008/08/bloggers-new-reactions-feature-how-to.html. It's a good thing I'm using stock widgets. It seems the reactions is well implemented - you can have multiple reactions, and you can even "un-reaction".

It seems Tumblr is a popular microblog site now. I wonder if it's more suitable for me? I think Blogger is more suited to the occasional large post.

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