15 October, 2010

Farmville buildings that matter

Living post
This is my first experiment with a living post, that means I'll update this post instead of writing a new one.

That's odd, for all the FV help on the web I haven't seen any list of buildings that do things in FV. Most of the buildings are only for decoration, but some are useful and it's not obvious which. If your aim is XP and money, this list is for you.
Orange buildings are recommended.
Aqua features are exclusive to that building.

Storage cellar
This allows you to store unwanted things like gifts. Its storage space is expanded by shovels. Too bad you can't use it to store buildings.

Market stall
This is used to hold bushels for your friends. By having more stalls, you can sell more types of bushels at a time (but friends are still limited to 3 per trip). This is useful if you want the rewards from selling bushels I guess, but otherwise there's no point getting these. THEY DO NOT INCREASE YOUR BUSHEL STORAGE SPACE

  • Holds pigs
  • Harvest all pigs at once
  • Go truffle hunting

Chicken coop
  • Holds chickens
  • Harvest all chickens at once
  • Find eggs while harvesting - but these can only be given away
  • Gives your neighbours a chance to find eggs while visiting - more things for neighbours to do, more likely to get neighbour visits
  • Coin bonus when harvesting if your neighbours have visited (fed your chickens)

Nursery barn
This holds your young animals like calves. It also allows them to mature into the adult versions, producing 1 more calf for your neighbours. However some adults actually produce LESS money than calves, so check to see if it's worth putting your calf in the barn. It also takes up a lot of space.

Garden shed
Allows you to use perfect bunches, so you can place them on your farm. Without this you can only share perfect bunches with your neighbours or lose them. Purely cosmetic value.

  • Holds vehicles
  • Use vehicle parts to upgrade your vehicles

Can be harvested and allows you to harvest pollinated seeds. Wait till you find a queen bee before buying a beehive.

Dairy farm
  • Harvest all cows at once
  • Produce calves, if you have a bull
  • There's a bug that lets you get multiple harvests

Turkey roost
  • Harvest all turkeys at once
  • Produce baby turkeys

  • Harvest all trees at once
  • Produce saplings (young trees)
  • You can have more than 1 Orchard

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