06 September, 2010

Wii is no more

Regarding video game consoles, I've had a Sega Megadrive, which I won, a Super Nintendo, which I mostly played Street Fighter on, a PS One (or PS slim), which I mostly played DDR on, and a Wii. For portables, I've had a Game Gear, Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket and GBA SP.
My Wii recently died, after 2.5 years. I was just about to play a game. It was showing the white screen telling you to wear your wrist strap, I looked down to adjust my chair, and when I looked up the screen was blue and the light on the Wii was red. I took it to a shop and they said the motherboard was dead. That's troublesome, it's the most expensive part and all my save games are on there. If you plug it in the red light turns on, and starts blinking after a while.

I always thought Nintendo products were well built. This is unusual since I haven't played with my Wii much, mistreated it or modified it in any way. It's definitely not worth repairing, and I don't think I'll buy a new one. I really wish I could finish playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 though. If I buy a new one I'll have to start all over again. I always ending up using my consoles much less than I should, so I'll try not to buy any more. Maybe I can spend my money on my computer instead.

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