02 September, 2010

New iPods

Apple has announced new iPod Shuffles, Nanos and Touches. The new Shuffles look like those 2 generations ago, the 2nd generation. The new Nano looks like a Shuffle with a screen. I'm not sure, but I think the screen has become smaller. This is the first time screen size has reduced.
The new Touch has the Retina display, gyroscope and FaceTime. This was expected, so developers can program for the same hardware. They've finally updated the 8GB model so my Touch is now outdated (they didn't update the 2nd gen 8GB when they released the 3rd). Hopefully, FaceTime will gain critical mass and take off. If you have wifi at home and school, between email, Skype and FaceTime, the Touch can replace your phone. GSM killed the landline, now it looks like wifi's killing GSM.

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